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G E T   I T   W R I T E.

Your floor is someone else's ceiling. Always be appreciative for where you are, but never stop trying to reach the next floor."

-Cappriccieo Scates

Submission Opportunities

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Cappriccieo is a music industry veteran with a proven track record of success. His credits blaze a who's who trail in music! Submit YOUR music today for potential distribution opportunities with Universal Music Group!


Meet With Cappriccieo

Cappriccieo Scates is an entertainment professional with deep roots in the music industry. Throughout his career he has held positions at Arrow/Universal Records, SESAC, PM Music Group, and Ruffhouse/ Columbia Records. Cappriccieo is currently the President/CEO of Mytrell Records and is looking to help independent artists. Schedule a Consultation and let Cappriccieo formulate an individually tailored strategy to help YOU build your business and accomplish your goals!




Cappriccieo M. Scates is currently President/CEO of Mytrell Records, which is distributed by INgrooves-Fontana Universal and an adjunct professor at SAE Institute in Atlanta. As President/CEO of Mytrell, his day-to-day responsibilities cover a broad range of label duties and functions that include contract negotiations, product placement, distribution, marketing, artist relations, label services, etc. Prior to forming Mytrell, he held positions as the General Manager at Arrow/Universal Records, Senior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations for SESAC, Director of Operations at PM Music Group and Director of National Radio Promotions for Ruffhouse/Columbia Records.



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